Sunday, May 9, 2010

Why Creationists Don't Love God

I have contended for a very long time that creationists don't love God at all. When I make that contention, creationists dismiss it and claim that they actually love God.

But they don't.

We know that because actions speak louder than words.

The Christian web site and specifically the web page at is titled "Actions Speak Louder Than Words". It gives this example of professed love vs. actual love:

"For example, a husband may assure his wife that he loves her, yet he is often late coming home from work and he seldom calls to inform her. When she questions him, he insists that he had to work late, or run an errand, or see a friend, or something. She explains to him that it is important for her to know when he will be late so she can plan dinner accordingly. But he fails to call again and again, and meal after meal is spoiled. While his words say, 'I love you,' his actions say, 'I couldn’t care less about your wishes or your feelings.' And she believes the actions above the words."

So a person's actions may show that they don't love something even when their words say that they do.

Similarly the words of creationists say that they love God, but their actions show that they actually don'tlove God at all.

The actions that show this are those that endorse a belief system that is only consistent with a God who is cruel, deceptive and not very competent.

Probably the worst of these characteristics is cruelty.

A creationist that I have been arguing with agrees that God did indeed kill babies when he did things like send a global flood.

That makes God cruel. Period.

If you call someone cruel, you don't love that person.

That same creationist has tried to defend God’s actions like this:

>> And as humans they are condemned under the inherent sin

>> nature. They are not innocent, except for the difference

>> betwen adults and them. But they are not innocent either.

>> Adam and Woman were innocent.

The creationist is arguing that God is justified in killing babies because babies deserve to be killed. They are "guilty" of original sin.

That argument is evil and perverted.

What this creationist is unable to see - as is the case with most creationists - is that the thing that he actually loves IS the Bible. Even more importantly, he loves his own interpretation of the Bible.

He doesn't care about God. He cares ONLY about the Bible. The idea that the Bible may NOT be the inerrant word of God never even enters his mind.

His interpretation of the Bible tells him that God did such cruel things. Therefore he is unable to ask himself whether they really took place. Doing so would mean questioning his interpretation of the Bible.

He doesn't think to even ask himself whether these stories diminish God. Clearly God's character has no importance to him. The ONLY thing that he values is his interpretation of the Bible.

God has no relevance whatsoever!

I don't mean to pick on this single creationist since that is the view of ALL creationists. They don't really care about God at all. All they think about is THEIR interpretation of a book.

In other words, they are primarily only thinking of themselves.

In the example I gave at the start of this post, the husband may have actually believed that he loved his wife. He might have passed a lie detector test. But his actions show us that he didn't.

Similarly creationists may actually believe that they love God. They may even pass a lie detector test. But their actions show us that they don't.

Actions speak louder than words. If there is a God and God is watching, God knows how evil and anti-God their actions are.

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